How We Do It

How we do it

At homesense we deliver great value on everchanging selections of branded quality homeware and gifts from around the world,at prices up to 60% less than the RRP and at a significant discount to the prices in a department store or on the high street.


Real value for our shoppers

Homesense is an off-price retailer. For us, value is a combination of brand, fashion, price and quality. Unlike traditional retailers, we generally don’t do promotions, sales or other gimmicks, just exciting merchandise at amazing prices, every single day.

We’re smart shoppers, just like you

Our buyers are on the hunt throughout the year for the hottest brand names and exciting homeware for every room in the home - including kitchen and gourmet cookware, furniture and lighting, decorative items, wall art, bedding and bathroom accessories, toys and seasonal décor. We’ve even got accessories for your pet.

We buy from all kinds of vendors, including top homeware brands and designers, vendors known for high quality and artisans from around the world. We also have some merchandise manufactured for us to bring you exceptional quality at an amazing price. Our buyers choose many different colours, styles and fabrics so there are always lots of great choices for you. Our buyers are opportunistic and entrepreneurial. So when a designer overproduces or other stores overbuy, we swoop in negotiate the lowest possible price and pass the savings on.


When it's gone, it's gone

Unlike other types of retailers that buy seasonally, we buy throughout the year and so have new homeware brands and eclectic styles arriving several times a week in our stores with each delivery containing thousands of items. Our rapidly changing assortments create the treasure hunt shopping experience that our customers love. So stop by often to see our latest homeware finds and fantastic gems, all with amazing savings.

If you love it, grab it! We don’t hold replenishment stock in our stock rooms and often the store managers don’t even know what’s coming until they throw open the delivery lorry doors. That’s what makes us so exciting to shop.

The amount we buy of each brand varies greatly – sometimes we buy a little and at other times, we may buy a lot. What matters is that we think our customers will love the products and the prices.

No one way we buy

We sell a unique selection of homeware and gifts from around the world, including top brands, speciality merchandise and global treasures, generally sold at up to 60% less than the RRP and at a significant discount to the price in a department store or on the high street. Most of our merchandise is current season styles. A small percentage is past season which we also offer at amazing savings to you.

We take advantage of a wide variety of opportunities, which can include department store cancellations, a manufacturer making up too much product or a great deal when a vendor simply wants to clear merchandise. These are just some of the ways we bring you tremendous value.

Some of our merchandise is manufactured for us and some we design, particularly when what we see in the marketplace isn’t the right value for our customers, meaning the right combination of brand, fashion, price  and quality. For example, we work with artisans in India to create beautiful hand-crafted embellished mirrors and wooden accent pieces, we source amazing cashmere and merino wool from Italy and we design soaps to be created in the United Kingdom, Portugal and Australia. We are always seeking great quality and value all over the world.


Modern, no frills stores

Our stores are as flexible as we are. We have no walls between departments, so we can easily expand and contract merchandise categories to respond to the newest trends and changing customers’ tastes.

We love our bright, modern stores, and our lean, no-frills way of working helps us pass spectacular savings onto you. So, don’t expect fancy extras in our stores – just amazing merchandise at fantastic prices.

All of this is what allows us to offer you a desirable and rapidly changing mix of high quality merchandise, always at amazing value. So whatever you desire for your home – new bedding, beautiful glassware, that perfect decorative piece – we know that you will find something fun, individual and special at a great price every time you visit.

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